Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cheap Music?

When buying music, I prefer cd's to buying mp3's online. However, Amazon has a new promotion of 50 albums a month for $5 each that's a cheap way to expand a music catalog. The 50 CD's aren't the bottom of the bargain bin. There's no Weird Al Greatest Hits Volume four here. No, rather there's a pretty diverse of new stuff, classics that range from Nat King Cole to Yo Gabba Gabba! There's Bowie, the latest Jay-Z Album and even a decent selection of recent Indy Rock Albums. Some of my recommendations are:

Cash: The Best of the Sun Years
If you don't own any Johnny Cash, the most influential and groundbreaking music of his career happened while he recorded at Sun Records. This album has 25 singles (25 singles for 5 bucks!) and covers the classics as well as lesser known music. Here's a 23 year old Johnny Cash singing one of my favorite songs from the Sun Years:

Blitzen Trappers "Furr"
One of my favorite albums from 2008 is Blitzen Trappers, "Furr." Many of the tracks on this Indy-Rock album would be at home on a '70s folk-rock album. Here's Blitzen Trappers performing the title track on Conan:

The Gaslight Anthem:"The '59 Sound"
I adore this album. I've been listening to it regularly for a year, and it's still one of my "go to" albums. The Gaslight Anthem is from Jersey-and sound like the progeny of Springsteen, but it totally works for them. If you haven't heard this album yet, check it out!

Amazon's Promotion

Other album highlights are:
The Heartless Bastards "The Mountain"-Perhaps the Bastards weakest album, however it still showcases the lead singers incredible rock god voice
The Crane Wife by the Decemberists is a classic


Jules said...

I LOVE Amazon's digital music offerings. Just last week a student told me to get that Gaslight Anthem CD, and I love it.

They often have some pretty decent free singles, too...I've beefed up my classical collection, and even some jazz standards.

Brenda said...

David will love the sale. Thanks for the heads up.

eda said...