Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

1) Blogging every day? Easier this year. Next year I promise to limit the cutting and pasting of videos.
2) I am grateful for the Internet at work. I spectacularly lost mine this morning, and was I more productive? Not really. Plus I couldn't do much research.
3) In response to a family conversation I heard about second hand? Elaine Loraine.
4) Should Tiger Woods fess up? I'm on the fence on this one.
5) Mom, Dad, Steven? Did you draw names for stockings?
6) Pretty much everyone in DC that I talk to has brought up the couple that crashed the State Dinner. My thoughts? I'm not sure if they should face criminal charges, but wth were they thinking?
7) Ashley, I loved the "Problem Solvers" Episode of 30 Rock. "Sun Tea" was a little bit of a let down, but I'll watch it again.
8) Alright, I really need to get off the computer.
9) When I'm about to leave, I always say "alright"
10. Alright.


Sparklebot said...

Maybe I only liked it so much because The Office has been letting me down so often lately that even a mediocre 30 Rock is a pick up?

Steve said...

1. You are my hero for doing this. I'm afraid of even considering it! Plus, I like knowing that each day I know I can read something from you!
2. Me too. I find that when the internet is down, everyone stops working, haha.
3. I've always liked the name Elaine.
4. I think Tiger is doing the right and "manly" thing, plus it is a lose-lose situation. If he comes out and says it was just a freak accident, no one will believe him and accuse him of being a liar and if he says he was drunk/cheating/both people will talk about him for that. This is a private matter and glad he isn't trying to be in the headlines. That's what real men do, keep their family business private.
5. That is a good idea about stockings!
6. I think they should be charged, at least for Federal Trespassing. Not only b/c I think they are pathetic fame whores, but b/c it will only encourage others to do this BS if nothing happens to them. Although, they are getting exactly what they want, publicity!
7. I'm a "Solvers Problem" fan as well, haha. I need to watch "Sun Tea" still, you are ahead of me for once!
8. Alright, I should do some work.
9. I say "Alright" when signing off too, but mostly from email, ha.
10. Right.

Sherpa said...

Ash-Oh? Sorry to hear about the Office. I hear that Parks and Rec is so much better (maybe you told me that) than it was last Spring but I haven't sat down and watched this season yet.

I haven't even watched an episode of Glee yet.

I missed you! I was wondering where you were the past two weeks or so!

1. Ah, thanks. You should do it next year though!

2. It's really weird how much easier life is now that it's back up. I'm still grumbling about how I finally got someone to look at my computer after 3 days to make a 2 second fix, but I should be grateful it's fixed.

4. Personally, I think that private matters should be private, but I read a post from a Yankees Beat Sportswriter (told you I was obsessed) that argued that part of the price of celebrity is admitting publicly you screwed up. It was food for thought.
5. The stocking idea is fun! However, no one has mentioned about it. Lame family. (I hope they read this.)

7. I'm still totally amazed that they were able to walk in without an invitation.

Kipluck said...

1. hey, videos are cool too. It's your blog, and your prerogative.
2. I can't do much work at ALL with out the net. I almost always need to look up something for a lesson plan. Even if I do mess around, too.
9.I DO TOO! Or else, "okay then."