Sunday, November 29, 2009

30 Rock: Sun Tea

The Exercise lady on tv sounds like Rachel Dratch.
Okay, these "Welcome to Season 4," "Jack will tell you what to do next" etc. is starting to get old.
Hey, someone on the 30 Rock writing staff must've had a similar experience that I had in Italy!
Kathy Geise's lawyer is Teddy Ruxpin? Awesome.
Dr. Spaceman! Dr. Spaceman!
Poor Bryan
Astronaut Mike Dexter
Overall, this episode was funny, but nothing special. Al Gore saving whales was a great in-joke. Tracey hallucinating on the set of the Cosby show made me smile. However, it was so-so.

Memorable Quotes:
"There are no rules. Like Check-in at an Italian Airport."--Jack
"I love the earth. I have these rare blossoms flown in every day on a private jet. That's the definition of green"-Jack

"What have the children done for us?
Well they make our shoes and wallets."--Kenneth and Jack

"There are no rules. Like Check-in at an Italian sex party."--Jenna


Brenda said...

So, was your Italian experience at an airport or a sex party? (sorry, couldn't resist).

Sparklebot said...

I liked this episode so much I watched it twice in two days. So, I wonder that you only thought it "so-so."

Poor Bryan, indeed. That's the only part that made me hurt inside.

Steve said...

"How could my great-great-grandfather be a monkey, when he was killed by one?" -- Classic Kenneth trying to disprove evolution! hahaha.