Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mustaches of no Consequence..or Random stuff in the News..

1)Early last month I vaguely recall a rumor that Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson hooked up and then I promptly put it out of mind because well......Ewww! Needless to say, I'm puzzled over this hookup. Billy Corgan. Jessica Simpson. Really?*

2) The Blogger formerly known as Smash has an interesting perspective on Sen. Reid.

3) Billy Corgan. Jessica Simpson. Huh.

4) When hearing the news that Mark McGuire admitted his use of steroids yesterday, did anyone else think, "I thought he admitted using several years ago. This is news?"

5) So, Bradley Whitford grew a mustache for a show he's doing on Fox with Colin Hanks. Mustache below:
*With the frequency I've been blogging as of late, I know I'm going to get really sick of seeing J.Simpson's mug on the front page of this blog. Must blog more.


JD said...

mcgwire went before congress and didn't want to "talk about the past"

adamf said...

Josh Lyman, where have you gone?

Just wow.

Sparklebot said...

This is the second blog entry I've seen recently to mention Billy Corgan (I can't remember what the other was about, but it didn't involve Ms. Simpson). But, was it only me that thought it was "Billy CorIgan?" I thought there was an "i" in there. I am so wrong.

Actually, Troubletron blogged about Senator Reid. I stay away from the subject of politics on the blog because of family ties. :)