Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Happenings

1) Brenda-Kelli's sister-in-law and frequent commenter on this blog had a heart attack on Friday. She's okay, but her husband has been posting updates on her blog.

2) I must've been a little stressed because I tried 3 new recipes over the weekend: Lemon jelly candies, three ingredient pasta sauce and banana baked oatmeal. The jelly candies never really turned out, the three ingredient sauce was awesome, and the banana baked oatmeal had a nice flavor but not an ideal consistency.

3) I believe I've mentioned Liz Howell here before (plus at least one of her husband's cousins reads this blog) but she's now in Haiti with the LDS medical team. Go Liz!

4) My new ward is a little odd. I've been attending (on a trial basis) the new mid-singles (not a magnet ward) ward that was recently organized in my stake. The bishop actually encouraged people to sit by someone you don't know from the pulpit (ie of the opposite sex) and said that it was okay to sit by someone if you were interested (or weren't interested). Then there was the conversation about dating from the pulpit. Then there was me with a puzzled expression on my face.

5) The polygamy letter last week? The letter really was sent, but it was a practical joke played on the wife. Here's the response.


Sparklebot said...

I hope Brenda is ok, and that she makes a full recovery. Heart attacks are so scary.

That info about the mid-singles ward is disturbing.

Steve said...

That is scary about Brenda. Kelly has had 'similar' symptoms for a few days now, so now I am paranoid, although she doesn't have asthma.

I made a new recipe this weekend too! I call it Chicken de la Steve, haha. I baked chicken breast with a handfull of my favorite herbs and pepperoni, and muesnter cheese the last 5 mins. It tasted just like a chicken pizza and aside from the pepperoni, was really healthy! YUM!

ben said...

Heart attack - truly few words are scarier. Hope she continues to improve.

I'm in a new ward too, in those situations I kind of want to raise my hand, slowly stand up and say, "Can't we just talk about Jesus?"