Thursday, April 29, 2010


I admit it, I don't like cops. I've tried for years to change my attitude, and there are great cops out there-plus cops provide a invaluable service to society, but I hate seeing one cop doing something small or big that makes it easy for people like me to continue to dislike them as a whole.

Yesterday morning, walking to the bus station, I encountered a cop parked in the middle of the separate pedestrian/bike walk-way on Route 1 (a major road in Northern Virginia). Now, it was 6AM, but a surprising amount of people are out every day walking, jogging, riding their bikes to work at that time of the morning and this cop was parked in such a way that a bicyclist would have to get off the bike to get around him. I looked around to see if the cop had other places to park. He did, there were actually several other places around where a cop could park his car and not be noticeably seen by motorists. Although this is a little thing, Cops shouldn't be using roads that are clearly marked for no motor vehicles for their use. Especially when there's other alternatives in the immediate area.


Jillian said...

Regardless of the sneaky nature of his hiding spot...which I think is rather shady of him...that just seems more dangerous than anything.

Sparklebot said...

I, also, am not a fan. It seems to me like the personality type of a person who would desire the job of being a cop is not the type of personality I am interested in knowing.

Though, clearly, I am grateful for the role they play and the service they provide.

Sherpa said...

Jillian-Luckily he was more or less in plain view to anyone using the trail, but still dangerous.

I completely agree. Although I know and right now have several cop friends. But a few years ago I went out with a Fairfax County Cop, and that? Didn't last very long. We just didn't have anything to talk about.