Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inexplicable Love

I've fallen hard. I can't really explain it in words that aren't florid or trite. My love isn't logical, analytical and frankly, I'm a little confused about these feelings. Despite my confusion, I'm still drawn to the object of my affection:

Now, I wouldn't drag someone into a bathroom just to see an ad for the Ford Flex,*but a highlight of last week? Discovering a neighbor bought one of these. I feel a little conflicted, I don't love American made cars (my affair with Mustangs and late model Cadilacs doesn't count-as I've had that since I was a wee lass). Then there's the granola/hippy side of me who is dismayed by the site of this BIG car! However, don't worry, Garp (my Mazda Protege) isn't going anywhere. For 3 or four years at least.

*About 2 years ago, a certain roommate of mine may have come out of the Nationals Park Bathroom and told me I had to come in there to see "something." When most people say "I've got to show you something in a public bathroom, I would run, but since I know "this roommate" well enough to be amused, I followed her in. The "something" was a "Zig-Zag-Zug" Mini-Cooper Ad.


Brenda said...

Add some wood panels and a driver named Chevy Chase to that vehicle and we may just have something retro.

I think I know who that Cooper-loving roomie is! She put us through an online custom design session. We gave advice on whether to stripe it or not.

Jillian said...

There is a mini fridge for diet coke! And I think that if I express my love for it fervently enough, maybe Mike Rowe will come and talk to me about why I love my Ford!

Ahhhh a girl can dream.

Sherpa said...

To continue the theme: it's pretty much if a Mini Cooper and a Woody had a love child, the Flex would be that child.

You two got an online custom design session too? She loved having more people to share fun facts about the Mini, I'm sure.

Jill-A mini Fridge? A mini Fridge? I did not know that.

Jillian said...

I don't joke about mini Fridges, or diet Coke.

JD said...

in the midst of car shopping myself, but...don't think i love it as much as you do.

Steve said...

Ha, the first thing I thought when I saw the picture is that it's a woody without the wood!

Glad I'm not the only one that would do the online design sessions with the Mini site. BTW, if you don't get the racing stripes on a Mini, why bother?!?!! :)