Monday, April 19, 2010

Round-up: "I'm your Cupcake" Edition

The Weekend: The highlight of the weekend? Spending Saturday afternoon on bikes with 6 friends riding to three cupcake shops in DC and then back home to Alexandria. We didn't get to go to the Alexandria shop due to my blue lips (I was fine-wind and pollen makes my lungs work a little harder) but still a great ride. Out of the three cupcake shops we visited, Georgetown Cupcakes was the winner. There's a reason the line goes around the block there on a Saturday afternoon.

Monday: I ended up attending a Mormons for Social Justice and Equality Family Home . Yes, this group really exists and apparently is thriving. I've read and heard about them, but haven't really paid attention to them much. Despite the somewhat militant name, we had a marvelous time talking about the environment and eating vegetarian nachos.

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