Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who Murdered Robert Wone?

In August 2006, Robert Wone spent the night at an old college friend, Joseph Price’s house after working late that evening. Wone, a heterosexual male, lived with his wife in the outer DC suburbs.
Price lived in DC near Dupont Circle with his partner Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, with whom Price had a relationship with. Price, Zaborsky, and Ward considered themselves a family and Zaborsky and Ward knew Wone fairly well.
According to statements given by the three men, Wone arrived at their DC row house about 10:30 pm. Wone had a glass of water in the kitchen, then everyone went to bed. At 11:49 p.m., Zaborsky called 911 and Wone was found dead with three stab marks in the chest and various needle punctures in his body.
The statements the three men gave about the murder have been contradictory, and it was clear to the police officers and first responders that Price was dictating the story the other two were telling. The defense is trying to prove that Price was obstructing justice because his brother actually killed Wone with the other two going along with Price because they love him.
By late 2008, DC charged the three men with obstruction of justice. The trial is going on right now, and although it’s not a national story, many people in DC are following the day to day trial, partly because of the salacious lives the roommates led.

The summary above has been edited somewhat, but here’s some links if you’re interested in learning more. The best place to learn as much or as little of the details of this case is: http://www.whomurderedrobertwone.com/

The Washington Post also is following the story daily on their local crime page: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/crime/?hpid=newswell


Brenda said...

What would have been the motive?

Sherpa said...

Michael was the black sheep of the Price family with a a criminal record. There's been evidence that Michael may have done it, but not enough to arrest him.