Monday, June 14, 2010

Learned this Weekend

1) 2 hours at the beach makes up for 7.5 hours in a car.
2) When you remember a restaurant, but can't remember anything else...don't eat there.
3)Tuna Steak should never be the same texture as well-done beef steak.
4) Kelli can sew (as long as I thread the needle for her).
5) Don can push Betty over the edge on "Mad Men."
6) "It's Complicated" isn't bad.
7) Knitting hats is actually pretty easy...with a basic pattern.
8) Bicycle shopping in 90+ heat? Not recommended.


SJ said...

I'm liking the new look of your blog

Anonymous said...

Hey when you going to ask for advice from you bro about buying a bike. What kind you are looking for?

Sherpa said...

Anon-I already own two bikes and I feel quite comfortable about my bike buying skills.
A girl in my ward asked me to accompany her to look at bikes.