Sunday, July 04, 2010

Baby Name Ideas for Richard and Nicole

My little brother and his wife are expecting a baby girl any day now. The baby is now overdue by a few days, and may decide to be born today.
On top of this, the two of them aren't quite sure what they'll name the little girl. I've come up with a few ideas, and I'm sure any suggestions from you would be welcome.

Here's a few holiday themed names:

What child wouldn't want to be named after a bell in Philadelphia?

George: Naming little girls traditionally male names has been the rage for many years. There's little Madisons, Reagans but you'd be one of the first with a little Girl George. What better way to pay homage to her birthday than name her George? On top of that, George is a family name. There's Richard's great-Grandfather George Roundy who was named after his uncle (I think) who was killed in Park City around the turn of the 20th a bar fight.

Patria: Patria Buhler. What a ring that name has. Patria could be a feminine version of Patriot plus it means fatherland in Spanish.

Columbia: Columbia is another name for the Americas, plus I think Steven would give you major bonus points for naming the baby after a river. After seeing the picture below, how could you not name the kid Columbia?

A Drawing of "Columbia"

Rich and Nicole, Love you!

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Richard and Nicole said...

im all for george, think we can talk richard into it?