Friday, July 02, 2010

Scene from a Singles Adult Event Planning Meeting

Scene: A group of 6 adults-men and women- planning a multi-day event for a group of singles at church. The time is late at night, and everyone is exhausted.

Meeting Participant 1: Now, let's talk about the DJ for the dance on the riverboat.
Meeting Participant 2: (loudly) Can I just make one request? I can't stand when YMCA is played at church dances. I hate the song and I'm the only person who knows what the song is really about.
All: (Shouting in unison) We ALL know what the song is about!

End Scene


Sherpa said...

This may or may not have happened this week. I may or may not wanted to reply, "Well in that case, can we hear "It's too hot in here" instead.

Brenda said...

Too funny!

bookworm said...

I don't think I ever would have known the song YMCA without the two or three stake dances I actually attended in my younger years.