Friday, August 26, 2011

Craig's List Misers

I've got a couple of Craig's List RSS* Feeds that I've been following for a while.  One thing I find on there is people asking less than 40-50% off retail for a product that's clearly been used. For example, check out this bike rack.  This car rack has been sitting on a car for 3 years in the Virginia area (roof bike racks are notorious for rusting out after a year or so out here) and the owner is asking 33% off or "Best Offer" for the rack.  I'm pretty sure someone could find a comparable deal online for a new rack.  


Richard and Nicole said...

people do that here too. so lame. I was looking to buy used cloth diapers. They are usually 20$ a piece new. People wanted 15$ each. Seriously! Its a CLOTH DIAPER. It has been severely used! It has poop stains on it. lame. I found them online for 18$ a piece new. crazy people.

Richard and Nicole said...

I think you are too short for a car rack? Unless you build your self a ramp that you can drive your bike onto your roof of your car.