Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shake, Shake Shakin'

So, the earthquake yesterday?  Honestly, it wasn't the strongest quake I've ever felt, but that might be due to the fact that I was sitting in a building that was dedicated in the 1930's and is rock solid.  The first 10-15 seconds felt like someone moving furniture on the floor above us.  After that, the building started shaking.  I realized immediately what was going on and moved into the doorway.  The quake stopped after about 45 seconds or so.  My co-workers immediately started speculating. One thought it might've been a bomb, but that idea was shot down pretty quick.  We weren't evacuated immediately, but after about 10 minutes.  Then we stood outside for a while until we were excused to go home.
The buildings in DC aren't built to earthquake regulations to my knowledge, and as my building takes up two city blocks, it's going to take time to inspect the whole building.  I headed to the metro, but a co-worker stopped me at the station and told me to find an alternate way home.  The platforms were crowded and the trains were running at 10 mph.  After that, I walked down to the bus stop.  Another co-worker stopped me, told me that wasn't a great idea and asked me if I wanted to walk with him over to Virigina to another station.  We walked over but as soon as we got to that station, we realized we weren't going to get on a train there anytime soon.  After that, I walked back outside and waited for a hour and a half before getting on a train.  The trains were still crowded and running 10mph but I was able to get on one and home a little after seven in the evening.

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