Friday, February 03, 2012

Random Post

So, yesterday Kelli and I celebrated my birthday (don't worry mom, we're both still straight).  We started out at a Lebanese restaurant that has to die for hummus.  After a wonderful dinner, we went to the Massage Academy for massages.  The Masseuses are students so it's about half or less of what a 1 hour massage costs almost everywhere else (at 35 an hour it's even cheaper than Groupon).  I admit, it was my first massage.  I haven't been leery of getting one, I just have never done it before. Kelli's done it before, but this was her first male masseuse.  Anyway, the massage was lovely.  I had a hard time keeping my eyes open the rest of the night.

When I was home over Christmas, I spent many hours with my niece watching Sesame Street.  I was talking to my brother and sister in law about Sesame Street and they mentioned they hadn't watched this one yet which was her favorite.


Brenda said...

I loved the two massages I've had. Heavenly. I don't think I could handle a male massage therapist, though.

Nicole Heiner said...

we're on our 3rd watch today of this video anna says mo mo mo!

Melissa O said...

OH my heck your first line made me laugh so hard. Joy you are funny