Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I haven't had the best luck when it comes to seeing whales.  In 2008, I was whale watching just on the coast of Oregon but the water was too choppy to see the gray whales that were probably there.  In 2009, I was on a whale watching tour that had 99% success that year.  We were the unfortunate 1% that didn't see whales.  Last year on the plane back from the Galapagos Islands, I was sitting next to a lady who was on the same itinerary as us-just on a different boat.  She asked if we saw the whale that was next to our boat the night before.  We didn't but they did.  Anyway, this past weekend Kelli and I went whale watching in Virginia Beach.  This year has been the best year the aquarium sponsored tour has had in almost ten years.  I was nervous about seeing them, but my luck turned this weekend.  We saw at least 4 (and maybe 6) humpback whales.  They were just as neat as I thought they would be.

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