Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Etc.

After attending a party on Friday night, I stayed in for most of the rest of the weekend.  The weather was super cold and windy.  My lungs don't do well with either and I didn't want to risk it.  I haven't been sick for a month and I want to continue my streak.

Anyway, I was going to show off a couple of crafts I finished over the weekend, but I ironed a hole in the skirt as I was working on the hem--right after I thought I probably needed a ironing cloth.  Oh well.

Shifting gears, the "Mormon" blogs are in a tizzy over the practice of not allowing menstruating girls to do proxy baptisms in LDS Temples.  The rule isn't official LDS policy and is "enforced" intermittently at some temples (but not all).  Feminist Mormon Housewives  has put up a call to action here.   


mj said...

Really? I'm sure I have done it many times. I mean, obvs if you don't use tampons it's a bad idea, but otherwise how would anyone even know?

I am seriously clueless about most of these controversies and wonder how many of them are just a few people making a bad call b/c they are misinformed about policy.

Joy Buhler said...

I remember the "menstruating rule" the one time I remember doing baptisms for the dead. From what it sounds like on FMH and By Common Consent is that it does happen intermittently, but enough that it's a concern but yeah, you're right-it doesn't happen everywhere.

ChelMo said...

Never hear of this. Guaranteed to have violated it. Am I going to the Bad Place now?