Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I like Valentines Day.  A lot.  I try not to think about the commercialism of the day and think about it as simply of a day of love.  Oh, I probably would like Valentines Day more if I wasn't single, but I try not to focus on that.  In fact, I really detest the phrase "Single Awareness Day," but whatever works for people.  I know that it's tough being single.
Anyway, I was thinking about why I like Valentines Day and I realized that it's in part because of my mom.  When my siblings and I were little, she always gave us a little gift for Valentines Day.  Now that we're older, each of us still gets a little package from her almost every year.  I remember getting packages from her while I was in college, in Chile and out here.  It's one of many things I treasure about my mom.  Plus, she always puts cinnamon gummy (the gumdrop ones) hearts that I LOVE and can't find out here in my package.      

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Nicole Heiner said...

ditto. why don't they sell those cinnamon hearts everywhere?? i also love the grapefruit jub jubs mmmm.