Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quote of the Day

From an Interview with Margaret Blair Young on "A Motley Vision":

"I believe in dealing with hard issues.  If we don’t learn to deal with them, we will almost certainly lack empathy when others are hitting them.  We need to train our minds and magnify our faith as our children grow in this internet age.  They will come to us with questions to bridge what they learn in Sunday school and what they read online.  Our answers will need to reflect our knowledge and the example of who we are in this age and place of Mormonism; what we cling to as our essential and inviolate morality.  This is a dynamic religion.  We may still stand in holy places, even while acknowledging that many in the past became detached from their “better angels.”"

Margaret Blair Young has been someone I've looked up to for the past couple of years.  She's a published author, BYU Professor, President at AML, very involved with the African (and American) Mormon Community.  

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