Tuesday, June 04, 2013

May Books Part 2

"Odd and the Frost Giants" is classic Neil Gaiman.  Gaiman wrote Coraline and many other fabulous, creepy books.  This book is a retelling of the Norse legends.  If you've seen the movie "Thor," you'll do just fine with this book.  What I loved about this simple story is that the protagonist doesn't use violence in the climax.  The book is well-written and I quite enjoyed the story.  Plus, be sure to read the "About Author" page at the end.  I laughed out loud.  Three Stars.

Remember the play, "Pygmalion," which "My Fair Lady" is based on?  Well, Pygmalion is actually based on this very true, incredibly weird story and the Greek legend.  An eccentric, wealthy Englishman who had little luck with the ladies adopted two orphan girls with the intent of  raising them to create the perfect wife in 18th Century England.  This book which is very well researched, tells this story of both the bachelor, the orphans, and the friends of both.  The story is fascinating and is a fast read.  Four Stars.

Walter Kirn is a favorite author of mine and this story does not disappoint.  The story, actually an essay, is about the Bible Kirn finds when cleaning out his mother's house shortly after she passes away.  He intertwines the notes that he finds in her bible with his own interpretation of scripture passes and the life he shared with his mother.  Four Stars.

Like many baseball tales, the actual baseball history of Ron Guidry and Yogi Berra was fascinating.  However, I found the author using a lot of filler in this book.  The book kind of meandered in one direction and then in another direction with no real rhyme or reason.  However, I found the friendship between the two interesting and the reconciliation between Berra and Steinbrenner fascinating.  I wasn't a real fan of the author's voice however.  Three Stars.

I really can't believe I hadn't read this book before.  I believe my parents had a copy of this laying around the house (and I read most of their books at one point or another) but this was the first time I read this classic completely.  Much of the book is absolutely fascinating.  The stories and Frankl's logic is astonishing.  I really wish I would have read this book a few years ago, but I still enjoyed the book a ton now.  Four Stars.

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