Sunday, September 15, 2013

True Roundy Feild and Keith Alma Feild

My cousin Trudy started a family blog recently called "Trudy's Tree."  Trudy's first two entries are family histories of our grandma, True Roundy Feild, and our grandpa, Keith Alma Feild.  Although my "gramma" was suffering when she died just two years ago, two weeks ago, losing her was losing my "third" parent. My mother and her siblings refer to my grandma as Mama..and my cousins and I called her gramma..which I think was partly out of laziness..and partly because our parents called her mama.  I know Grandma True is in a better place but I think I'll always think of her this time of year.  Grandma True's  birthday is this week though and I plan to celebrate by laughing, reading Robert Frost, and eating fish sandwiches; something we both did together as a treat. We would often go out and get fish sandwiches to celebrate my birthday..or just as a special little thing we would do.
True Roundy Feild on left...Keith Alma Feild on right.  Both pictures taken in the 1940's I believe. 
My grandpa, Keith, died when I was seven years old from a recurrence of lymphoma.  I only have "little kid" memories of Keith, but I still remember many things about him.  He was a huge reader and would read to me, even when he was sick.  When my younger brother was born, I was excited, but the only person I didn't want to share Richard with was my Grandpa Keith.  He was a quiet man, but very loving..and intellectually curious.  Grandpa Keith didn't get a chance to get a college education, but he read engineering journals that a friend dropped off.  My mom says that she wishes my grandpa would've lived long enough to meet my youngest brother because he would've gotten a kick out of Steven.  Grandpa Keith also was well-read and loved literature.  Although my grandma True didn't approve of novels, my grandpa often had a library book tucked away to read after he finished the chores.  His book collection was eclectic, and I remember seeing his copy of "Roots," after he died.  Both my grandparents loved poetry and rhyme..and I think they both realized that I thought in rhyme..or responded to rhyme, because they both had me memorize poetry at a young age.  Anyway, reading my grandparent's histories (which I've read before..but its been several years) was interesting.  It was interesting to read what the two talked about in their personal histories.
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Nicole Heiner said...

thanks for posting this joy! i see richard in your grandpa's picture.

Joy Buhler said...

Really? I think Steven is the spitting image of his grandpa, but Rich does have his nose.