Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Quote of the Day

"What do you wish you were?
Do you wish you were the light of every star?
Nobody Knows, but maybe that's just what you are."

---Patty Griffin


Putz said...

i lost track of you and i bet you wished i stayed LOST><<><>but i remember you well and now want to find out how much damage you did to our government lately<><>respond if you dare

Joy Buhler said...

Why would I want you to stay lost? Why in the world would I do damage to the government? Its the Tea Party members in Congress who recently cost the Country 23 billion. The party of small, accountable government? Yeah, right.

Putz said...

to answer your two questions><<><>lost, maybe because i am such a tease and 2 government decline all your fault was just me teasing