Friday, April 27, 2007

Kabob Palace, An Expose

The Health Report

On Monday, we checked out the health inspection of Pollo Rico, a beloved Peruvian chicken joint in Arlington. Afterwards, Kelli checked out Kabob Palace. There's two Kabob Palace's. The original place, and then a sitdown restaurant a few doors down. Both had less than commendable reviews, but I'm seriously thinking I won't be eating at the restaurant for a while. check it out:

Critical Methods are not being used to control pests. Large amounts of rodent droppings noted in corner of dry storage closet. Smaller amounts of rodent droppings noted behind equipment and on shelves in facility.

Repeat The floors and walls behind equipment and the inside of the cabinets are in need of cleaning.

Critical Repeat Working containers of chemical spray bottles are not properly labeled.

Surfaces of the inside of the ice machine was observed dirty and with a minor amount of rust.

Critical Lamb curry observed in the walk in freezer with an internal temperature of 55oF, that had been cooked over 24 hours earlier.

Repeat Wiping cloths improperly used.

Critical Repeat Different types of raw animal foods stored in such a manner that may cause cross contamination. Chicken and beef stored on the same shelf and touching each other in the True 1 door freezer. Beef stored over yogurt in the walk in refrigerator.

Critical An improper scoop was found in the yogurt sauce. A pitcher was being used for the scoop with the entire handle submerged in the sauce. Improper scoop found in the bulk sugar.


aisy said...

okay that's nasty. at work we were trained to be "food handlers" so we can have bbq's with the kids etc, anyway, the health inspector showed us some nasty pictures and told us even nastier stories. i'm not sure if i can eat out anytime soon... i'd stay far, far away from kabob place. eww.

Laurie said...

That's so gross!

Whenever my husband and I are tempted to just go eat out instead of cooking at home, he'll say, "Remember that time someone found a rat tail hanging out of their burger at that place?" Or my personal favorite... "KFC's got rats falling from the ceiling, that place has them too, I'm sure!" Neither of which are true (actually, KFC DID have rats falling down somewhere in New York), but I tell ya, nothing solves that problem more quickly than talk of rats!

NoSurfGirl said...

Are you a food inspector? Where did you get this info? I'd like to find out about the places we frequent, just in case.

Jenny said...

I feel vindicated. I always thought Kabob Palace was nasty.

Sherpa said...

I like it, but I'm not a diehard fan like Kelli.

Laura said...

That's just what makes it authenitic. Don't complain, embrace the filthiness... Oh yes!