Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Be Still my Carole Burnett Lovin' Heart.

Confession #1: I watch Glee. I'm still two episodes behind, but I started watching it this winter, and it's a guilty pleasure. Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester? Incredibly funny. Sue's Journal? Sue in bed with the principal in a track suit? Love Sue Sylvester. So when I read that Carol Burnett is going to play Sue Sylvester's mom I mentally did backflips in glee. I've loved Carol Burnett since I can remember and I LOVE her. I've even read her memoirs...and still LOVE her!
Okay, enough of me gushing. Seriously, think of the possibilities. Especially with the backstory already laid down about Sue's family. Via Washington Post

If you don't know this sketch, please click here.


Jules said...

I hadn't heard this news...this is going to be goooood.

Salt H2O said...

Great News!
This can also be attributed to a facebook group that started right after Betty White was on SNL. There was a group to get Carol on SNL but Carol then said she didn't want to host SNL, she wanted to go on Glee, so then there was a Carol Burnette Glee group on Facebook and wow....I know way too much about this.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love Carol. Love Glee. Can't wait. MOM